6S and Lean Manufacturing











Potentia applies 6S and lean principles to its manufacturing floor and office on a daily basis. Through the use of value stream
mapping, 6S workplace organization, Visual Management and Kanban system, we have tremendously eliminated waste in terms of time & costs in virtually every process throughout our company. Most importantly because of applying these principles,our production quality and Production efficiency has improved dramatically.




Quality Control

  • International Standards Practice

Quality Policy_01_副本_副本As an industrial manufacturer,quality is the cornerstone to our business.Throughout the history of our company, our honored clients have realized this and have been helping us to become a premier global OEM industrial supplier. We have been trying so hard to apply the ISO standards to our own QC system,make sure all the processes are under good control. Using our thorough quality control process, we scrutinize our products during the entire development cycle, from drawing to shipment(IQC,IPQC,FQC,OQC) to insure we meet or even exceed our customer’s requirements.We have many experiences producing according to the following international standards: ASTM, DIN, BSI, ANAB,TUV.    

PDCA_Diagram_副本_副本Potentia QC Team








  • Traceability

18178966_165342447000_2_副本_副本At Potentia,All of our production lots are tracked by Procedure Flow Records and we keep these records at least for one year.With these records,we can easily track to every process to find out root causes in case there are quality issues and all these datas will be stored in our own iCloud storage which means we can access to these information at anytime and anywhere.

  • 6S in QC

6S principles are widely used in many ways at Potentia, as well as in Quality Control.We believe that “everything has its place,everything in its place”. Therefore when we design the layout of our workshops,we make plans for all the needed spaces for all different items to separate from each other in order to avoid quality problems caused by mix-up items,such as non-conforming area,rejected area,Raw Material area etc.We believe this is very important in Quality Assurance.

  • In House Material Analysis&Testing

We have all kinds of necessary equipments for ladle analysis,material analysis,tensile testing,hardness test etc.For castings,we will keep test bars out of every single pour for at least one year,test bar can be provided if required.

  • Calibration for Measuring tools

We have records for All of our measuring tools,tracking the lifespan,calibration status of them.Tool calibration is set in routine to make sure we have same results with our customers.This will prevent a lot of quality and communication problems.

OA&ERP Systems


Potentia is proud to have its own tailored Office Automation and ERP systems.These systems are based on iCloud technology and more importantly we have our own Mobile Phone Application for our systems as well which will enable us to work anytime and anywhere in the world.This will also help us to be better organized and more efficient in the daily work such as Order processing,inventory management,Drawing management,keeping QC records iCloud etc. and definitely it will finally benefit our honored clients.