Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Bruce Liang —- Owner·CTO

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Graduated from military technology Institute,majored in Mechanical Engineering,Over 30 Years of experience in mechanical manufacturing field.Worked in an ordnance factory for two years as senior mechanic,producing parts for tanks and other weapons;In 1986,He borrowed some money from his relatives and started his own small workshop at home with only one turning lathe,one milling machine,one shaping machine,plus some other small machines and tools.This was the early foundation of Potentia.

“The success in business is focused not only on individual contribution but alsoworking as a team.I believe for a greater success,we have to work with our customers as a team and partners to grow together.”—–Bruce Liang





Bliss Liang —- Owner·President·CEO

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As the second generation,Bliss grew up in the surroundings of machines and tools.He naturally accepted these as part of his life.Machines and tools were his favorite toys in his childhood.But instead of studying mechanical engineering like his father,he took by himself the major of International Trade according to his talents and interests.This enables him  to bring Potentia to a higher stage.He is very gifted in English and management.In his early career,he worked as a professional translator for less than one year.Then he became a personal assistant and translator of two American medical doctors whom  were  life-style medicine consultants to Chinese hospitals and individuals.Within the one year of working together with them,Bliss got to live with them  under one roof 24/7,it became a great opportunity for him  to have a free immersion English training.Later on,he was invited to join in an American owned company as project manager and special assistant to the President(Native American),in two years of working with multinational colleagues,his visions and horizons were broadened and expanded,his mindset became much more international in terms of standards,quality,way of thinking,professional ethics and so on.In 2005,he left the company and started his own trading company dealing garments and underwear clothes,this was the first time he started his own business,it was difficult and challenging,but he never gave up trying.Finally,he opened 4 chain stores of his own retailing and wholesaling garments.In 2009,he followed his dream  to start a joint adventure company with Curt Watkins in South Carolina,US called Performance Electric Vehicles International  LLC.  Producing and seling electric vehicles(off-road vehicles and e-motorcycles) to US market,but it ended with a tragedy because of unstable quality of our Chinese OEM factory.It was a painful and discouraging experience.From that day on,he made his mind no matter what he would do in future,he would do as much as he can to have good quality of products. All of these precious and painful experiences always remind him the importance of good quality and  help him to constantly  lead Potentia becoming an more and more excellent company and partner to work with.


“‘Born to Make Good’ has always been motivating us to make improvements in all the things we do, ever since i took over the management of this company and we will always proceed toward this goal.”

—— Bliss Liang


Cora Liu—-Engineer·Production Manager
Cora Liu—-Engineer·Production Manager,Over 25 years of experience working in machining field as a team leader,familiar with all kinds of machining processes,passionate for her job.


“As a female engineer and production manager in manufacturing,it requires me to work even harder than most of people and to sacrifice a lot,but i love my job ever since i took it.So trust me,i will do my best to always have good quality parts and efficiency of production.”—-Cora Liu



William Liang—-Senior Engineer,graduated from Taiyuan University of Technology,majored in Mechanical engineering.Rich experience working in Fortune 500 company as senior engineer.Now he works as the engineering team leader in Potentia.


“Understanding the customer’s technical documents and requirements is the key to production and quality,my job is to make sure our production and QC teams fully understand the requirements and take the right actions. ”—-William Liang


Julia Zhu—-Sales Team Leader,fluent in English,skilled in order 

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process,logistics,customer management and QC.In her early years of career,she worked in one of the largest import&export group in China and gained a lot of experiences.By having her in our team,we are very confident in providing our honored customers with excellent service and understandable communications.


“Serving our customers is always my key in work,this has been my focus and will always be.I will spare no effort to help and support our customers as much as we can.”—-Julia Zhu






Lisa Dong—-Sales representative&account executive,majored in International Trade,bilingual skill.

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Abby Liu—-Sales representative&account executive,majored in International Trade,bilingual skill.

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Tracy Zhao—-HR Manager&Office Executive,Over 10 years of experience in education and human resource.Excellent skills in communications,fluent English.


“Talent is the most dynamic factor, the company’s first wealth and core capital, the cornerstone of national prosperity. So my job is to find the best talented people to serve my company and the honored customers ”—– Tracy Zhao


Mabel Liang—Financial Manager.Majored in Accounting.She’s been working at Potentia since 2010,now she is running the Financial department together with two other experienced accountants.


“In manufacturing business,there’s no distinction between small and big in cost calculation,i have been trying so hard to eliminate waste in production in terms of cost,i believe manufacturing lean will not only benefit ourselves but ultimately our honored clients will be the prime beneficiary.”

—– Mabel Liang